Breaststroke Swimming Technique: Body Position, Head, Hands, Feet, and Breathing

Breaststroke Swimming Technique: Body Position, Head, Hands, Feet, and Breathing Swimming technique that is widely used by beginners
Breaststroke Swimming Technique: Body Position, Head, Hands, Feet, and Breathing

Breaststroke swimming is a swimming technique that is often dubbed the frog style swimming.

The frog style swimming is called because the position when you swim is similar to the movement of a frog when you are about to jump and be above the water.

Breaststroke swimming can be said to be an old swimming technique. It is said that this swimming style has existed since the 15th century.

Initially, this swimming technique was created to reduce the risk of drowning .

Although originally intended for safety, the breaststroke is actually popular because it is considered simple and easy for beginners to learn.

Breaststroke Swimming Technique

In order to get to know about this breaststroke swimming, it would be nice if you first learn the techniques.

By using the correct breaststroke swimming technique, you can swim easily later.

When you are going to practice the breaststroke swimming technique, there are several things you can pay attention to, namely:

1. Body Position

To do the breaststroke swimming technique, you must first pay attention to your body position. Position your body straight with the surface of the water.

It's best to keep your shoulders, thighs and feet in a straight horizontal line. Avoid thighs to get too down into the water.

Relax your body as comfortable as possible so that the breaststroke swimming movement can be done properly.

2. Head Position

After the correct body position, then pay attention to the position of the head.

The correct head position will determine the correct application of breaststroke swimming.

Position the head facing forward by aligning it with the position of the body.

After that, relax the neck because later the head will rise and fall above and below the surface of the water to take a breath.

When your head goes into the water, make a slight downward motion to prevent water resistance.

3. Hand Position

To do the breaststroke swimming technique, you will do a lot of hand movements.

Start by directing both arms straight forward with palms facing each other.

After that, push your body to slide forward.

When sliding, move both hands in a circle from the side until they come together above the head and then down to the top of the chest.

Straighten back up and do the same movement over and over again.

Avoid making too wide circle movements because later what will push the body is the legs .

4. Leg Position

The position of the feet is the most important position in the breaststroke swimming technique. The position of the legs in chest power swimming is different from other swimming styles.

In the breaststroke, the legs will move like frog legs while swimming.

To do this, as you move your arms, keep your legs straight at first and then bend your knees down to your heels toward your buttocks.

Position the soles of the feet towards the surface of the water. Then, position your knees slightly wider than the hips facing down and slightly behind the hips.

After that, do a sweeping kick outward and back in a circular motion like the movement with the hand earlier.

Moms can make synchronized movements between hands and feet simultaneously.

5. Breathing Technique

For the last breaststroke swimming technique, this is the breathing technique. Learn this technique after learning the four things above.

If you have learned the four techniques above, then you can do the breathing technique correctly.

Breathing techniques in breaststroke swimming are not as difficult as other swimming styles. It's just that, Moms still need a mature technique.

To do the breathing technique in this breaststroke swimming, when both hands are in front of the chest, raise your shoulders up to the surface of the water.

That way, the face will come out of the surface of the water. This is where Moms can take a deep breath.

Then, continue again by putting your head into the water. Exhale slowly until both arms and legs are tight and straight.

When lifting your head, try to lift it slowly and don't lower your hips to avoid back pain and hinder movement.

Benefits of Breaststroke Swimming

After mastering the breaststroke swimming technique, surely Moms want to know what are the benefits of this one technique.

The following are the benefits of breaststroke swimming for body health, namely:

1. Helps Burn Calories

The first benefit of the breaststroke technique is that it can definitely burn calories because there are lots of movements to make.

Starting from the feet, thighs, hands, to the neck.

When Moms do breaststroke swimming for 30 minutes, there will be as many as 200 calories burned.

2. Build Muscles in Certain Parts

By swimming breaststroke, there will be a lot of muscles that can be formed.

Starting from the thigh muscles , calves, back, chest, to the arms.

This is why breaststroke swimming is mostly done by athletes.

Quoting from research in the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Studies , it is stated that by doing breaststroke swimming, leg muscles will be more formed.

3. Improve Heart and Lung Fitness

It's no secret that swimming is great for heart and lung health, especially by doing breaststroke.

Breaststroke swimming can strengthen the heart and lung muscles .

Moms will take more breath when swimming breaststroke.

4. Streamlining Blood Circulation

Another benefit of the breaststroke swimming technique is that it can improve blood circulation in the body.

Blood vessels will drain more blood quickly when we do breaststroke swimming.

With the smooth circulation of blood, the oxygen that is also flowing more.

5. Suitable for those who have a weak physique

The last benefit of the breaststroke swimming technique is that this swimming style is very energy efficient, so it is suitable for those who have a weak physique because it is not too tiring.

When swimming breaststroke, there will be time to rest for the hands and feet compared to other swimming styles.

6. Supports Joint Health

Swimming is a sport that has a low risk.

Launching from Healthline, even this sport can be done by people with physical problems, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Injury
  • Disabilities

Not only that, swimming is also good for improving the health of the body's joints.

This was proven in research in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation , which stated that swimming is effective in relieving stress on the joints of the body, as well as increasing physical strength.

7. Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep difficulty is one of the most common problems in the world community.

Quoting from the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care , revealed that the prevalence of insomnia around the world is around 10-30% of the population, some can even reach 50-60%.

It's common in older adults, women, and people with poor medical and mental health.

If it continues to occur, insomnia can be very dangerous for the health of the body. Launching from the Cleveland Clinic, lack of sleep due to insomnia can trigger a number of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and weight gain.

The sport of swimming in breaststroke can be done by all ages even for people with physical problems or other health problems.

Based on research published in Sleep Medicine , explains that aerobic physical activity, such as swimming is an effective way to improve sleep quality, mood, and quality of life in the elderly with chronic insomnia.

Of course, this is good news for older adults or people with health conditions who want to improve the quality of their sleep.

8. Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Swimming breaststroke is also safe and beneficial for you, you know.

The benefits are not only for the mother, because this also affects the fetus in the womb.

In a study in the Journal of Epidemiology , it was revealed that pregnant women who regularly swim in early to mid-pregnancy have a slightly reduced risk of premature delivery and a reduced risk of giving birth to children with congenital abnormalities.

However, keep in mind that while swimming is generally considered safe during pregnancy, not all pregnant women can do it.

Because there are some women who may have activity restrictions because they are afraid they will experience complications in their pregnancy.

If you experience something like that, talk to your obstetrician before starting a pregnancy exercise program, and if you experience complications, consult with your doctor about which sports are suitable.

9. Relieve Stress

Stress is a natural feeling of not being able to cope with certain demands or events.

These demands can come from work, relationships, financial pressures, and other situations.

Anything that poses a challenge or threat to a person's well-being can cause stress.

Do not be underestimated, because stress can become a chronic condition if you don't take the right steps to manage it.

According to Medical News Today, when a person experiences any challenge or threat, the body produces larger amounts of the hormones cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

This excess hormone production can trigger physical reactions such as increased blood pressure, sweating, becoming more alert.

If left untreated, it can have an impact on body health, such as cardiovascular, immune , reproductive, and can even interfere with sleep quality.

To overcome this, Moms can do it by swimming. Launching from Healthline, swimming can relieve some of the symptoms of stress and depression, thereby reducing the risk of chronic stress.

That's a glimpse of the breaststroke swimming technique and its benefits for body health .

Of the several swimming techniques that you have learned, what swimming style do you use the most when swimming?

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