Understand the proper backstroke swimming basic technique and its benefits for health

Understand the proper backstroke swimming basic technique and its benefits for health

Backstroke swimming is one of the swimming styles that is believed to provide many benefits for the body.

In addition to freestyle, backstroke is also a swimming style choice that is widely used by adults, from men to women.

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The basic backstroke swimming technique was first popularized in the 90s by Harry Hebner. He is a swimmer from the United States.

This backstroke swimming is very easy to distinguish from other swimming techniques .

Because, this position requires Moms to face upwards while swimming.

Backstroke Swimming Basic Techniques

Not everyone can easily do the basic backstroke swimming techniques.

It takes special techniques and practice so that later Moms can master this swimming style.

In order to practice properly, there are several basic backstroke swimming techniques that need attention, namely:

1. Body Position

The first thing you need to pay attention to when you are going to do the backstroke is to relax your body first.

After the body becomes more relaxed , you can position your body with your head facing up.

Try to swim later, the position of the body must remain straight.

Lower your hips off the surface of the water to keep your feet moving freely underwater.

2. Head Position

For the position of his head, Moms must keep his head straight up.

The water level at the head must partially cover your ears while the view is left straight up to keep the swimming motion straight.

When doing the basic backstroke swimming technique, it's important for Moms to always relax the neck to the head.

This is because the neck will support the head.

If the neck is left tense, then you can quickly experience neck cramps .

3. Arm Position

While in the position of the arms for the basic techniques of backstroke swimming, it is actually not much different from freestyle swimming.

The difference is that your body is facing up, not down.

When doing hand movements in backstroke swimming, the arms will rotate alternately in a clockwise direction.

First place one arm above the surface of the water with the palm facing out and straight in line with the shoulder.

Then roll your arm down over your head and then dip your little finger back into the water first.

While your arms are in the water, you should bend your elbows slightly to form a triangle and then push them toward your hips.

Do the same thing continuously alternating between arms with one another.

4. Leg Position

We proceed to the position of the feet for the basic backstroke swimming technique. This leg position is also the same as what you do in freestyle swimming.

Only the position is the opposite. The first step, Moms can position both legs in a straight condition with a close distance.

Then, do kicks from the hip up and down alternately under the surface of the water.

Do it alternately between the right leg with the left leg.

When moving your feet, your ankles must also be relaxed to prevent cramps.

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5. Breathing Technique

The last basic backstroke swimming technique is breathing. It is important to pay attention to breathing technique while swimming.

For breathing techniques , this backstroke swimming will be easier to do than other styles.

This is because the position of the nose is always above the surface of the water. This method will make Moms breathe more freely.

So that you don't get tired easily, inhale when one arm passes over your ear. Exhale as the other arm passes.

Benefits of Backstroke Swimming for Health

By doing backstroke swimming regularly, there will be benefits for the body for sure.

The following are the benefits of the basic backstroke swimming technique, namely:

1. Healthy Heart

The first benefit of the basic backstroke swimming technique is that it can help nourish the heart .

When Moms do backstroke swimming movements, the muscles in the body, including the heart muscle, will be trained to work properly.

Not only can it help nourish the body, backstroke swimming can also help nourish other vital organs such as the lungs .

2. Lose Weight

When Moms do backstroke swimming for 30 minutes, there will be 250 calories that can be burned.

If you want to reduce calories even more, you can combine this basic backstroke swimming technique with other swimming styles.

3. Improves Posture

One of the benefits of backstroke swimming is that it can help improve posture .

When Moms make arm movements that swing up, the shoulder muscles will be pulled back.

This can strengthen the upper back and straighten the hunchback posture.

In an article on the SpineUniverse page it is explained that all swimming styles, including backstroke swimming can provide benefits for people who experience back pain problems .

4. Increase Flexibility

Another benefit of the basic backstroke swimming technique is that it can increase your body's flexibility, especially in the hips.

The movements that are made when swimming the backstroke are capable strengthen the muscles in the hips.

If you have joint pain in your hips or back, this style of swimming is great for you.

5. Tighten the body muscles

The last benefit of the basic backstroke swimming technique is that it can tighten the muscles in the body.

Some parts of the body where the muscles can be tighter are the shoulders, arms, legs, stomach and buttocks.

Now you know what the basic backstroke swimming technique is.

Hopefully, with the information above, Moms can get maximum benefits by doing backstroke swimming.